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Professional Pathways Panel

This week was very exciting for the Academic & Career Advising Center! We had many talented students and their supervisors discuss various job and internship opportunities on campus including our very own Social Media & Advertising Intern, her supervisor, and one of our peer advisors. The Professional Pathways Panel was an opportunity for students to share their experiences, how it relates to their goals, how they obtained the position, and to encourage other students to seek similar opportunities. Their supervisors were there sharing how the student contributes to their organization, how this experience enriches the student professionally, how the supervisor supports the student, and what they look for in applicants for these positions. Our presenters for the first panel included the following:

Library Internship – HSU Library Scholar Intern

Supervisor – Carly Marino

Student – Jorge Ambriz – History Major

Student Disability Resource Center – Livescribe Trainer

Supervisor – Kim K. Coughlin-Lamphear

Student – Kaitlyn Stormes – Psych Major

HSU Fish Hatchery – Hatchery Technician

Supervisor – Sabine Mader

Student – Jayme Yee – Biology Major

Academic and Career Advising Center – Marketing and Social Media

Supervisor – Shannon Berge

Student – Mildred Correa – Graphic Design Major

Student – Shannon O’Brien – Psychology Major

RAMP – Academic Mentor

Supervisor – Sarah Bacio

Student – Karlie Elliott – Math Major

The second panel consisted of Undergraduates in Faculty Research who were sharing their experiences as to what they gained from their experience doing hands-on research with faculty. The student and faculty who shared their experiences include:

Faculty Mentor – Amy Sprowles

Student – Abigail Petersen, Biological Sciences Major

Faculty Mentor – Rosemary Sherriff

Madelinn Schriver – Botany Degree, Graduate student in Forest & Wildland Sciences

Faculty Mentor – Rosemary Sherriff

Daniel R. Snow – Geography Major

The Professional Pathways Panel was a group collaboration amongst the HSU Library, Academic and Career Advising Center, and the Office of Research, Economic, and Community Development.

If you want to know more about any of these opportunities, feel free to contact them or their department. You can also ask your own professors if they are aware of any opportunities where you can gain experience related to your career goals. We strongly encourage you to search for these opportunities so that when you graduate you are more competitive in the workforce and don’t have to settle for a JOB instead land yourself a CAREER.

HSU unConference

We also had the unConference last week in which many students, staff, and faculty shared quickly something they have learned in life including learning to ride a unicycle indoors, how to use binder clips to simplify your life, taking notes with a smart pen, using Youtube Video Editor, networking via LinkedIn, and much more! This is a casual, interactive, and supportive event that welcomes everyone. The unConference happens once a semester and they welcome any and all students, staff, and faculty to present and/or attend. Keep it in mind for the future!

You can view previous unConference presentations at

Although these events are over, HSU is always having great events where students can learn valuable skills on campus and truly get involved. Also much of the information provided in these events will be available online or by contacting the person directly.

Some great resources to keep in mind include:

Log into your Springboard account (or register for one, if you do not yet have one) and click on the “Career Events” tab.

The Library also teams up with multiple departments on campus to create workshops where you can gain skills in technology, professionalism, life, research, and academics.!/month/2016/03


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